The CCTV system in Taipei Main Station Intelligent Disaster Preparedness Center


The CCTV system in Taipei Main Station

Intelligent Disaster Preparedness Center

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Taipei Railway Main Station is the most important transportation hub in Taiwan. Average daily number of passengers reaches 500 thousand, ranking top 25 in worldwide stations. Under such high transportation volume, Taiwan Railways Administration puts passenger safety and seamless transport operation as their first job priority.





The Main Station continuously expand from its first debut. Currently this compound area includes railway, high-speed rail, city subway, and airport express stations that significantly changed the original structure plan. The earlier phase surveillance system authorized to different units that includes central and local government even privacy units due to different user requirements.


At that period surveillance cameras are mainly controlled by single host, system structure has no consideration to central management, unified UI and expandability. This segregated host structure makes many different equipments co-exist in one network system, yet they are not compatible to each other.


Besides the equipment chaos, another difficulty is that it only has five working hours daily starting from mid-night for new equipment installation in Taipei Main Station concerning conflict to transportation hours. The working hour limitation prolongs the total installation period to double.

Final solution and performance


To resolve the existing problem area and consider to upgrading the video image resolution and recognition ability, Taiwan Railways Administration submitted request for proposal seeking entirely system improvement that includes cost effective basic surveillance functions plus emergency operation ability (fire disaster, terrorist attack, lost people found, criminal suspect identification).


The request system should have an easy operation user interface to provide Disaster Preparedness Center real time video information to support emergency case disposal. Taiwan Railways Administration finally decided to use Taiwan brand products from Great-Lite and VIVOTEK with VMS software from Russia famous brand Eocortex after evaluation of many products and system providers.

System implementation including Rail Station main building and station compound area, total has 600 pieces of network cameras installed. Taiwan Railways Administration office floor use Great-Lite GLID200-DV1 dome camera which offers 2 million pixel high resolution video, its special Corridor Mode changes the viewing fit to narrow environment such as corridor area without sacrificing monitor space in two sides. VIVOTEK IB8367A has been used in indoor lobby area, other station area equipped with manual iris and IR capability model VIVOTEK FD8367A-V. VIVOTEK IB9367-HT has been selected in outdoor area, which is IP67 waterproof and with remote iris control. VIVOTEK FD8391-V fisheye camera has been installed in Disaster Preparedness Center, its 8M pixel high resolution 180/360 degree panorama view covers the whole center office without any omission.


Cameras transmitting video stream to center office via optic fiber, CCTV video image shows on a dedicated big monitor screen capable to view any area emergency. In case there is a fire emergency, Eocortex intelligent flaming detection software will identify the initial flaming and send out the warning message with video clip to all related parties before fire spreading. This earlier fire identifing and warning message could help to decrease possible fire disasters to the lowest level.

Eocortex fire identify software can identify flaming image/location and send warning message to related parties

Great-Lite GLID200-DV1 dome camera Corridor Mode converts viewing scale to 9:16 to extend the surveillance distance

Disaster Preparedness Center server room applies client-server structure to build the video storage system. The server offers failover back up scheme which allows single server failure function back up. User can perform recording/ monitoring/ playback/ backup functions when single server fails. This backup scheme eliminates the server failure inconvenience. Comparing with former system which needs spare server hardware to standby, new system has a much better cost performance.

To build up a safer environment, the image quality of full day video recording has been improved by equipment upgrade. The camera video recording time also increased from 7-14 days to more than 30 days by applying video streaming data compression technology to reduce data streaming bandwidth and file storage.


The Disaster Preparedness Center has  been formally in operation from Oct.2019 after one-year planning and implementation. We are looking forward to this center adopting more intelligent emergency operation functions to build a highly safe environment for all passengers.

The Disaster Preparedness Center in Taipei Main Station formally in operation.




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